Weekend Links: January 7, 2017

The first week of a new year is generally a slow one for all of us, mostly taken up with previous year wrap-ups and anticipatory posts about the new one. That’s pretty much the case this year, too, except for the slight frisson of fear of authoritarianism that seems to be constantly, anxiously simmering in the background of all my social feeds. So 2017 is off to–generously speaking–an uneasy beginning. For many of us, myself included, the world is an uglier, more frightening and less hopeful place than it was this time last year, and the news is less encouraging each day.

Like (I imagine) many people, I’ve been dealing with things by throwing myself into my work. Also, by putting my congressman’s number on speed dial for when I feel like complaining.

In any case, I’ve written more–or at least more productively and happily–in the last week than I have in the last couple of months, and I’m already in the middle of my fourth read of the year. I’ve been cleaning house and cooking, and taking control of my life where I can. Also, calling my Republican congressman’s office about every other day to complain about stuff and ask him (or asking his poor, beleaguered interns to ask him) to to clarify his garbage opinions.

It helps. Both the productivity and the complaining.

This week, I published six posts here at SF Bluestocking:

I read quite a bit of short fiction between two magazines and what I read online. Here are some of my favorites currently free to read:

Cabbages and Kings posted a retrospective podcast with the editors of FIYAH.

The Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog had an interview with Ken Liu about his Dandelion Dynasty series.

At Tor.com, a great post on Mary Shelley’s post-Frankenstein career.

The B&N blog also rounded up 96 book recommendations from editors for 2017, just in case your to-read list isn’t full enough yet. Also, the 17 most anticipated sci-fi debuts coming out this year.

I loved Rogue One when I finally got to see it on New Year’s Eve, but it wasn’t exactly a flawless movie. Max Gladstone’s suggested fixes make a good deal of sense.

I am honestly baffled by the existence of HBO’s upcoming show, The Young Pope. I mean, what audience are they going for with that? Apparently I’m not the only one, judging by the amount of mockery for the show going around on Twitter.

Futurefire Publishing has one of the first exciting crowdfunding projects I’ve seen this year. $5 gets you an ebook of their Problem Daughters anthology. You can find more news and press about Problem Daughters over at the Futurefire blog.

The other interesting crowdfunding campaign I saw this week is Lawless Lands: Tales from the Weird Frontier. It’s a little steep at $15 for a digital copy of the finished book, but it’s got a pretty good Table of Contents and a neat concept.

This Polish musical about man-eating mermaids is relevant to ALL of my interests:

Last of all, there’s finally a trailer for Hulu’s adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, and it looks excellent so far:

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