Resolutions for 2017

So, last year, I had a huge list of ambitious New Year’s resolutions and ended up accomplishing almost none of them because 2016 was such a garbage year in general and for my partner and me in particular. The last couple of days, I’ve been doing my best to mentally and emotionally unburden myself from all that bullshit, though, and it’s going alright. I’m not going into 2017 with no cares or worries, and I’ve got one last bit of 2016 business (wrapping things up with insurance after a car accident I was in the day before Thanksgiving) that I’m only going to be finished with in another week or two. But compared to how tightly wound and overburdened I was feeling even a week ago, I’m doing pretty well.  However, I’m also determined to not go into 2017 with any very high expectations. My failure to achieve goals and milestones last year was a major part of my latter-half-of-2016 malaise, and I’d hate to go through that a second year in a row.

So this year I’m keeping things simple, thinking smaller, and focusing on reasonably achievable goals that I can revisit and expand upon as the year goes on. Secondarily, I’m concentrating on building new routines and recommitting to routines that have worked well for me in the past. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? I was doing pretty well a couple of years ago. Just gotta get things rolling again.


  • Last year, I read 108 things that counted as books on Goodreads, when I had a goal of just 72. This year, I expect to read about the same, so I’ve set my Goodreads Challenge goal to 104. Two books a week should be eminently doable.
  • Last year I started with a goal of reading one nonfiction book per month. I totally failed at that, but I still think it’s a reasonable goal if I just plan better, so I’m sticking with it this year with the intention of actually do it.
  • I’ve been happy with the diversity of my reading, for the most part, but I’ve been trying to read more short fiction the last few months. To continue that trend, my third reading goal for 2017 is to read at least one collection of short fiction–a magazine, anthology, or single-author collection–each month. With a couple of Kickstarted projects on their way over the next few months and a subscription to Uncanny‘s Year 3, I don’t think this will be a problem.


  • In the past, I have struggled to stay caught up on writing about the books that I read. This year, I will be writing about everything immediately and before I start my next book. This should ensure a more steady stream of book content on the blog and prevent any mid-year meltdowns over how behind I’ve fallen.
  • I started last year with the goal of writing at least some fiction every month, and I didn’t. I do have some ideas, though. Instead of a word count or other goal, this year I intend to have just one story written and ready to submit for publication by the end of the year.

Health and Fitness

  • Counting calories. It’s not for everyone, but it was working well for me before I broke my foot, and I appreciate the combination of mindfulness and accountability involved with it. I updated MyFitnessPal today and will be back on track with it starting tomorrow.
  • Drink only water. It’s unbelievable the calories you can unthinkingly consume with sugary drinks. And I’m certain that giving up caffeine will have a positive impact on my sleep patterns and energy level.
  • Yoga. Three days a week.
  • Cardio. At least 30 minutes, five days a week.
  • Walking. 2 miles, five days a week.

Cooking and Food

  • Learn to make my own pasta.
  • Cook with a totally new to me ingredient once per month.
  • Make at least one vegetarian meal each week.


  • Call or write to my legislators weekly. A thankless task for a leftist in suburban Ohio, but it ought to be done.
  • Get involved in local government. Currently looking at opportunities in my town.
  • Hit a Nazi with my purse if I get the chance.

Personal and Miscellany

  • Get a tattoo. I’m about 95% certain of what I’m going to get. Just have to find an artist and get it done.
  • Learn a new skill. I’m thinking knitting, but I haven’t decided yet.

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