Killjoys is starting to get really awkward for everyone

So “Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye” is another episode that moves things along, which is great, but my main complaint is that it felt like every single scene was just a bit too long (except for the scene with Dutch and Delle Sayeh, which wasn’t nearly long enough). Frankly, it got awkward.

Things are awkward for D’avin and Pawter, as Pawter seems to have–rather inexplicably–mistaken D’avin’s desire to bang her and her own lack of professionalism for an actual relationship. I kind of wanted to cheer when D’avin actually pointed this out, but he’s such a giant douchebag about the whole thing that I can’t. Basically, he’s being a dick and only brings up Pawter’s jerkwad-ery in order to deflect attention from his own so he can bully her into continuing to help him. Pawter, being a huge sucker, is down for that I guess and gives him a lead.

I don’t know which is the worst: John’s mock turtleneck thing, D’avin’s fake arm tattoos, or the guy wearing the red Dr. Horrible costume.

The team goes to break some guy out of a mental hospital, and then they have to go to–I shit you not–some kind of very cheesy interplanetary fetish club so they can get more information. On the way there, John breaks the neural implant thingy that they are trying to use to track Khlyen, but fortunately the fetish club has someone who can help with that, too. D’avin does drugs and makes out with Dutch, then they get some kind of info that isn’t actually useful, then they end up arrested for kidnapping a mental patient I guess. Also, the costumes at the fetish club are so awful, and I’m embarrassed for everyone. Except Dutch, who looks amazing in everything she wears.

In jail (I guess) Delle Sayeh comes to talk to Dutch, and I want them to just run away together and leave D’avin and John to rot. Instead, Delle Sayeh fixes things so they can talk to this Dr. Jaeger that D’avin is looking for. In exchange for–get this!–an unspecified favor at a future date! Because that is always an amazing bargain.

Things go predictably poorly with Dr. Jaeger, who says she can’t really do anything to help D’avin. Back on the ship, John goes to run some errands, and while he’s gone D’avin and Dutch finally bang just like we’ve all been expecting them to for a while now. John gets back just in time to find Dutch’s clothes all over the ship, so he goes to talk about his feelings with Pree. No one (literally no one) is buying that John isn’t jealous, but alright.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jaeger turns on the thing in D’avin’s head and he tries to kill Dutch. I actually really loved this fight scene. It’s well-choreographed and felt enough like a real fight that there was actually a part of me that thought Dutch could kill D’avin–not that she would for show reasons, but that it was a possibility within the world of the show, which is kind of awesome. Fight scenes like this often struggle to communicate any sense of real stakes for the characters, so great job for this show in making that happen.

After tying up D’avin and leaving John to babysit him, Dutch goes to deal with Dr. Jaeger. While she’s gone, D’avin manages to almost kill his brother, and Pawter comes to the rescue. We learn that Pawter is probably someone kind of important when she gives her name as “Eleanor Seyah Simms.” Dutch and Pree come to visit John in the hospital, and then Dutch goes back to the ship, where she and D’avin have a sort of awkward talk that doesn’t actually deal with any of the stuff between them.

I was going to jokingly write that probably next week will be an episode where Dutch and D’avin get trapped somewhere together where they are forced to talk about their feelings, but it turns out that that is literally the description of episode eight.

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