State of the Blog and Weekend Links: July 2, 2017

The farther we get into 2017, the more I long for a–just one–completely uneventful week. I continue to struggle with productivity, although this week was better than most weeks in the last couple of months. I wrapped up my Spring Reading and posted my Summer Reading List, which will get us through the end of September, and that means a fresh start for me, writing-wise, as I do myself a kindness and set aside anything I had left unfinished from the spring so I can enjoy a brief respite from feelings of inadequacy before I get behind on summer stuff as well.

One thing I’m not behind on, at least not technically, is Let’s Read! Gormenghast, though I did take a break from it this week in order to finish some other things. I’m not making any promises about this coming week, as the holiday will take up at least some of the time I’d, frankly, much rather spend reading and writing about Titus Groan, but here’s what I’m (tentatively) planning the next few posts to cover:

  • Titus Groan Chapters 22-26
  • Titus Groan Chapters 27-31
  • Titus Groan Chapters 32-36
  • Titus Groan Chapters 37-39

I’ve already skimmed Chapters 22-26, and I’m fairly certain that will work as a section for a post, but I’ve continued to find it necessary to adjust my plans as I go because I find that the book comes with its own pretty obvious stopping points. Just based on previous experience, I fully expect to adjust one or more of these sections, give or take a chapter, as I get to them.

io9 lists all the must-read sci-fi and fantasy books coming out in July.

I finished reading Yoon Ha Lee’s Raven Stratagem and Theodora Goss’s The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter this week. Both were excellent, and I’m hoping to write some reviews in the next couple of days. In the meantime, Lee was interviewed at Lightspeed and Goss was interviewed for the B&N Sci-fi and Fantasy Blog.

Invisible 3, edited by Jim C. Hines and Mary Anne Mohanraj, is now available.

Kelly Robson beautifully makes the case for writing futures that include disability.

Joe Sherry is still reading his way through this year’s Hugo finalists. This week: novels.

Check out the cover and table of contents for Uncanny Magazine Issue 17.

In this month’s Clarkesworld, Fran Wilde writes about Invisible and Visible Engineering in Science Fiction.

At NPR, K. Tempest Bradford reminds us that, no really, cultural appropriation is, in fact, indefensible.

Kotaku has an interesting piece up on the women who helped create Dungeons & Dragons.

Nimona is going to be an animated movie.

At Fireside Fiction, Malka Older writes about The Narrative Spectrum.

The next installment of the Book Smugglers Gods & Monsters series of short fiction is out. Check out “The Waters and Wild of Winter Street” by Jessi Cole Jackson. Then be sure to read about the author’s inspirations and influences.

I have a feeling that Chuck Wendig’s advice on “ways to stay motivated in this shit-shellacked era of epic stupid” is going to be evergreen.

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    1. I highly recommend this tactic for nonessential projects. If it’s really important, you can always come back to it later. If it’s not important, you shouldn’t be stressing out about not finishing it.


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