Weekend Links: July 31, 2016 (Belated)(Very)

I am certain that someday I am going to get my shit together and stay truly caught up on these regular posts, but this past week has not been the week for it for a variety of reasons. I did manage to produce some actual writing in the last week, but the weekend was just awful, productivity-wise. Saturday, we went to Findlay Market for the first time in ages, then hit Ault Park for some Pokemon Go, which my daughter finally downloaded. Yesterday, we ran errands for half the day, then took my daughter and her friend to see the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company perform Macbeth at Washington Park (and play Pokemon). The weather was halfway decent all weekend, and it’s always nice to appreciate the city I’ve lived in all my life, but it was also exhausting and time-consuming. Add to that an unexpected sleepover, watching my sister’s kids today, and like four hours of excruciating burning on my hand from cleaning the peppers I cooked for dinner tonight, and I haven’t accomplished much today aside from some reading. On the bright side, however, this week is looking better going forward. I’ve still got some potentially productivity-killing things going on, but last week’s burst of writing energy was encouraging and I am looking forward to having a week and a half sans all children starting this Thursday during which time I am cautiously optimistic about my ability to get caught up on all kinds of things.

This was a little bit of a slow week in the SFF-related links department, but it was a great week for politics, with Hillary Clinton becoming the official Democratic nominee for President amidst a DNC that was chock full of excellent speeches. Ahead of the convention, Smithsonian recognized the zeitgeist with a great piece on The History of Women Presidents in Film–a history that was much longer and more interesting than I knew before now.

Uncanny Magazine’s Year Three Kickstarter is about halfway done with and less than $120 from their first stretch goal as of this writing. Earlier in the week, Uncanny editors Lynne and Michael were interviewed at Nerds of a Feather to talk about the project.

A new Feminist Frequency video takes on the idea that “women are too hard to animate.”

Autostraddle tells us How to Dress Like Jillian Holtzmann.

NPR looks at the recent-ish trend of serialized fiction.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed director Rachel Talalay of Tank GirlDoctor Who, and Sherlock.

The Barnes & Noble Sci-fi and Fantasy Blog has the announcement of and [impressive] table of contents for Cosmic Powers, an upcoming space opera anthology edited by John Joseph Adams. Seriously, this looks great.

Fireside Fiction released a special report on black spec fic that is required reading for everyone interested in the genre.

Finally, Margaret Atwood is going to be on Midnight in Karachi on August 4th, and Tor.com has some advice on where to start with catching up on her work.

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