Weekend Links: February 20, 2016

First things first. NASA’s new (FREE!) space travel posters are excellent, and I need them all, very large, to put on every wall of my apartment.

io9 covered the art of Santiago Perez earlier this week, and I wouldn’t mind having prints of that to cover the few square inches of wall space that I can’t cover with space travel posters.

This week’s Fanwankers podcast was all about Game of Thrones and is definitely worth a listen. There’s even a Book Snob Glossary to go along with it if you aren’t familiar with their terminology. I ugly-laughed more than once.

In other news, Ecto Cooler is coming back! Although I don’t think anyone under about thirty cares. My daughter looked at me as if I had two heads when I explained what it was.

Charlie Jane Anders is still promoting All the Birds in the Sky, and she did a Reddit AMA yesterday.

This week saw the release of probably my favorite Tor.com novella to date, Victor LaValle’s The Ballad of Black Tom, and LaValle has been making the rounds to promote the book:

POC Destroy Science Fiction managed to unlock all its stretch goals on Kickstarter, which is exciting. Editors Nalo Hopkinson and Kristine Ong Muslim were interviewed at SF Signal to talk about the project.

Nalo Hopkinson also joined Sunil Patel and Nisi Shawl to talk about POC Destroy SF at Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy this week.

Indrapramit Das has an excellent piece about writing global sci-fi over at Tor.com.

Black Girl Nerds is making the case for (and asking for help with) getting Amazon to give us a Black Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror section.

At Tor.com, Foz Meadows explains that we can’t just adapt SFF books; we have to transform them.

The finalists for the 2015 Aurealis Awards have been decided.

SFWA announced that C.J. Cherryh is their 32nd Damon Knight Grand Master.

Finally, the 2015 Nebula Awards nominee list has been released.

SF Signal has the Nebula list with links to the fiction that can be read for free.

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