Minority Report: Sadly, I think I’m done with this show

“Honor Among Thieves” is another middling-to-bad episode of this almost-certainly doomed show, and I think this is likely the last episode I will have anything to say about. Even now, my thoughts on Minority Report are primarily general thoughts and disappointment that the show wasn’t better than it’s turned out to be.

This week’s episode was a pretty classic monster/case-of-the-week format, which worked marginally better than a couple of previous similar ones have for the show, but it still just didn’t make a lot of sense. I didn’t understand how Vega got fooled by the fake EMTs in the beginning of the episode, and it’s really all downhill from there as the story continues to develop.

There are a lot of flashbacks this week, detailing the removal of the precogs from the original milk bath and their initial release into the world, which apparently consisted of little more than a “Whoops! Sorry!” and a fat paycheck from the government before they were tossed out into the streets in a bad part of town and left to their own devices. On the one hand, that would be pretty much expected behavior for the US government. On the other hand, I have a very hard time believing that the kind of evil government that would enslave children would then encourage them to disappear so completely without some way of keeping track of them.

It’s also just plain painful to see how naïve the precogs were, especially the boys. It definitely helps to provide a little more understanding of why Agatha thinks they can’t take care of themselves. That said, I do not buy at all the idea that, in the beginning, it was Arthur who was the soft-hearted one who just wanted to help people. Even if that was the case, there’s really no hint in this episode of how or why Arthur and Dash so completely swapped opinions. I’m also not sure why they even bothered unveiling this bit of history this late in the season, especially when the rest of the episode goes on to further establish Arthur as a pretty big deal in the international organized crime scene. It doesn’t add depth to his character; rather, it makes him seem a hypocrite.

This episode also marks the first time that I haven’t enjoyed the show at least a little bit. Any sense of fun that the show has had up to this point seems to have drained out of it, and all that’s left seems to be a grim determination to finish these ten episodes so everyone can move along to other, hopefully more successful projects. I will probably finish watching the series, but I doubt I’ll be writing about it unless it somehow gets incredibly good sometime in the next three weeks. Right now, though, the show has become its own wet blanket.

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