The new trailer for Supergirl looks super fun

I am unabashedly excited about this show no matter what anybody says against it. I don’t think it’s going to be extremely good, and the entire Supergirl/Superman mythology is absurd, but it looks like exactly the sort of light, slightly silly entertainment I’ve been wanting recently. I wasn’t interested in Arrow or The Flash, and I couldn’t get into Agents of Shield (and therefore skipped Agent Carter), but Supergirl looks like it’s right up my alley.

Premiere is October 26.

One thought on “The new trailer for Supergirl looks super fun”

  1. The pilot leaked a few days after the first trailer! It’s great. Goes completely against the trend of gritty, ‘serious’ superhero TV that makes stuff like Arrow and Daredevil so popular. Kara’s a ditzy girl that’s struggling to decide if she wants to live normal as she has to date, or do something greater with her life. I’d say it’s more on the comedy side of things, largely because of her personality. But it’s definitely not going to shirk the action aspect; her heat vision is sick.


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