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Hugo Recommendations: Best Fancast, Best Related Work, Best Fan Writer

I read a bonkers number of blogs and so on, so you’d think I might have a ton of opinions about these categories. However, now that I’m to the point of actually working on filling out my ballot, I don’t have as many opinions as I thought I would. I won’t be nominating anything at all for Best Fancast, actually, since I have only recently started listening to more than the occasional one, and I’ve only got one nomination for Best Related Work: Adam Whitehead’s History of Epic Fantasy over at The Wertzone, which was a superb piece of work and great reading.

For Best Fan Writer, I will be nominating some number of the following:

Foz Meadows

Mark Oshiro

Chuck Wendig

Aliette de Bodard

Alexandra Erin

Rhiannon Thomas

Philip Sandifer

Mike Glyer