State of the Blog and Weekend Links: March 5, 2017

Well, it’s been another slow week for me, mostly because I spent half of it back and forth to the auto shop having my car worked on, which took up a ton of time and energy. I think I’ve finally got the problem with the car sorted, however, and I’m hoping to have a few weeks before I have to take it back again (there’s still a couple other tiny issues that I’d like to get cleared up as well). In the meantime, I’m trying to just not stress out about it, with mixed success, because it is pretty stressful and I’m prone to anxiety even without good reason.

In other news, I’ve been slightly better this week at ignoring the noisy collapse of American democracy. I read several books (Agents of DreamlandFinal Girls, and Hunger Makes the Wolf), which leaves me with just four titles left on my planned reading list for the month of March. I’m kind of excited because I’m hoping that this will let me work in Borderline and Infomocracy this month before I want to get a head start on some April releases I have ARCs of. I also saw a couple of movies (Get Out and Operator, both excellent) that I have some thoughts on and might write proper reviews of if I have the time and inclination this week, but with weather turning positively springlike (I’ve never seen my town so green this early in the year) I may spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying it since I didn’t have the chance this past week because of the above-mentioned car troubles. We’ll see.

Also, I unlocked some new druid catform skins in WoW, and that was probably the highlight of my week.

Why, yes, I HAVE been dreaming for months of lime-green tiger cat form, thank-you-very-much.

Links are a bit light this week. I feel like I read a ton, what with spending so much time stuck at home sans transportation, but not much that caught my interest. Probably the most exciting things of the week have all been news items rather than opinion or analysis pieces.

FIYAH posted the cover and table of contents of their second issue, Spilling Tea, out April 1, and it looks great.

Aliette de Bodard shared an updated bibliography of her Xuya universe.

The BBC is making a show based on the life of lesbian landowner Anne Lister and her search for a wife in the 1830s.

Neil Gaiman unveiled a trailer for a documentary about the genesis of American Gods.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia published a multi-author interview on the experiences of POC in SFF publishing.

I enjoyed this Fantasy Faction piece on winter in fantasy.

The Verge has a great list of March new releases in sci-fi and fantasy if you’re looking for something new to read this month.

nerds of a feather, flock together kicked off a new blog series on dystopian fiction that will be running for the next couple months.

At the Wertzone, Adam Whitehead introduced a new blog series on cities in fantasy that looks like it’s going to be fascinating.

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