Weekend Links: January 22, 2017

So, the inauguration of the runner-up happened. More importantly, however, millions of people around the world, in hundreds of cities and on every continent, came out the day after. I, sadly, didn’t make it to the march in Cincinnati due to car troubles and family obligations, but I have decided that once my car is fixed up this is the last time I miss out on an opportunity to participate in this kind of an event. In the meantime, I spent the week calling my dirtbag congressman’s office every other day this week, for all the good that does (not much, probably), and I’ve continued working on staying busy and productive. I’m doing a shitty job of eating healthy and exercising so far this year, but I’m doing an awesome job at reading books and staying caught up on writing reviews.

This coming week I expect to turn out another three or so book reviews, and I’m also planning on getting started on a series of posts on reading diversely that I’m pretty excited about. I’m also hoping to finally get out to see Hidden Figures, and I’m working on getting caught up on some television watching since the week of February 1 will bring a new season of The Expanse, the beginning of Powerless, and Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, all of which I will probably have some things to say about. Frankly, as pumped as I’m feeling about being politically engaged and getting more active in my community, I’m also looking forward to having some work to take my mind off of our new fascist regime and likely impending apocalypse. I hate to fiddle while Rome burns, but it sure beats drowning in impotent rage and overwhelming feelings of general helplessness.

As heartwarming as the Women’s March was to watch yesterday, my favorite moment of the weekend is still actual fucking neo-Nazi Richard Spencer getting punched in the face:

Strange Horizons ran a great roundtable this week On Collective Resistance in fiction and in life.

If you need a protest sign for when you join the resistance, Ladies Who Design have got you covered. I suggest this excellent piece:



LitHub has a list of 75 Books for the Next Four Years, for when you’re not out protesting or punching Nazis.

If you finish that, this list of every book Barack Obama recommended during his presidency is pretty awesome.

If you just want to stick to sci-fi and fantasy, John DeNardo continues his 2017 Speculative Fiction Book Lineup over at Kirkus.

I know I’ve been recommending it to everyone for weeks now, but you have got to read the first issue of FIYAHThen you should be sure to read the Camp Fiyah Authors’ Chat.

Mari Ness continues her series on fairy tales over at Tor.com with Challenging Gender Norms: The Brothers Grimm and the Twelve Huntsmen.

It’s simple, but I kind of love this graphic of 15 fairy tales from around the world.

s.e. smith writes about rereading Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Amazon Prime is going to have a six-episode Good Omens mini-series in 2018.

Corrina Lawson at the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog makes a good case for Recasting Leia Organa. I’ll continue to be devastated either way, but I think this has moved me to Team Recast.

For Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday, Electric Literature collected a bunch of recordings of celebrities reading “The Raven.”

At Apex, this piece on Tecumseh in Science Fiction is fascinating.

Futurefire.net Publishing’s Problem Daughters is still the most exciting crowdfunded project of the year so far, and editor Djibril al-Ayad talked more about it this week over at nerds of a feather.



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