Weekend Links: June 11. 2016

I’m starting to feel as if I will never be productive again, to be honest. This week was looking to be better than the last couple, but then my partner’s mom died on Monday. We had been planning to come back to Huntsville this coming Tuesday (6/14), but instead we ended up scrambling for funds in order to get back down here sooner so we can arrange things–which neither of us really know how to do, though Google has been a great help in that regard. So now, we are camping to save money because it turns out that travel and funerals are expensive and hoping to wrap things up before potentially heavy rains move in in a few days.

Still, best case scenario I think we’re looking at being home around Wednesday, and in the meantime we have limited internet access (curse you, 3 GB data plan) and are going to be pretty busy with wrapping up his mother’s final affairs. I am hoping to get a good amount of writing done this week, time permitting, since that can be done offline, and I do plan to watch and livetweet Game of Thrones as usual (we’re pretty sure that won’t take us over on our data). However, I’m not going to promise my normal recap on Monday, as that’s when we’ll be able to get to work on some of the stuff that we can only do on business days, and I’m not certain when I’ll have time/internet to actually post any of the things I hope to finish writing.

If there is any bright side to any of this, it’s that we are camping at Monte Sano State Park, which is very pretty (see header image). Also, I guess I am also hoping to do some reading while I’m here, even if I haven’t finished writing about everything I read last time we were here.

All that said, this is also why there aren’t a ton of Weekend Links this week. Sadly, I just haven’t had the time, and as I mentioned last week, I’m still really, really feeling the loss of SF Signal’s link posts. I’m certain that I’m missing out on all kinds of stuff that I just don’t have time to search out on my own.

I’ve already posted my annual Summer Reading List, which I’ll be working on this week, but if you’re looking for an even more comprehensive list of must-read books this summer, io9 has you covered.

If you’re not already looking forward to fall, you should be. Tor.com just revealed the covers and descriptions for their Fall 2016 line-up, and it’s so exciting. You guys. That cover for A Taste of Honey. And there’s another Lychford book by Paul Cornell. I mean, I read all the Tor.com novellas anyway, but this looks like it’s a bumper crop.

If you need something to read now, I cannot recommend Lightspeed‘s People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction! special issue enough. Read the editors’ manifesto here, and then go buy the magazine.

For something a little different, you can check out David Brin’s list of some of the best sci-fi webcomics around. I’m not super into webcomics, myself, so it’s nice to have someone else do the work of finding and suggesting a few.

There’s a new Feminist Frequency video up! In “Lingerie is Not Armor” Anita talks about the absurd bullshit people dress women in in video games. This isn’t just a problem in video games, though. For more info than you could ever want on this subject, check out Bikini Armor Battle Damage.

I did not realize that Malka Older and Daniel Jose Older were siblings, but now I do, and this interview/discussion with them is excellent.


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