Weekend Links: April 9, 2016

I wasn’t planning for this to be such a spare week in terms of posts, but I didn’t realize there wouldn’t be any Supergirl or Lucifer, and I didn’t have anything else in particular planned. That’s all going to change soon, though. I’m still working out exactly what my next project is going to be and sorting out a plan for getting through all the reading I want to do, but basically all the shows I watch and write about will be ending about the time Game of Thrones starts, so for at least a couple of months that garbage show will be the only major thing I have to plan around. In the meantime, this has been a somewhat exciting week in the SFF world.

Probably the biggest news of the week is the release of a teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One:

It looks amazing, and I for one am thrilled to see a new original story set in the Star Wars universe.

Some dude made a very creepy robot that looks like Scarlett Johansson.

A woman spent over two years freehand stitching the covers of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Fantasy Cafe’s Women in SF&F Month has begun.

Lin-Manuel Miranda talked about books at the NYT, and it’s totally unfair that one man can be so charming.

WebUrbanist collected photos of a bunch of places I want to live.

The Millions tells us what is the deal with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Story of Kullervo.

LitHub interviewed Ursula K. LeGuin.

There’s a new interview with Ken Liu at HuffPo.

Jeff VanderMeer’s Entertainment Weekly piece on editing The Big Book of Science Fiction is a must-read.

I haven’t read much Edgar Rice Burroughs–just A Princess of Mars, actually–so this piece about his Tarzan stuff was very interesting.

Winter is Coming has ranked all fifty episodes of Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, Fandom Following talks about the Game of Thrones sexism debate.

Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart a Doorway came out on Tuesday, and it’s wonderful. Her piece about how she came to the idea of it is excellent as well.

The Establishment takes a look at why cutting edge sci-fi is often penned by marginalized writers.

This is so much of why I love Bob’s Burgers.

The finalists for the 2016 Prometheus Awards have been announced.

Apparently Dragon Con is getting in on the awards game.

Finally, I read two excellent pieces of short fiction this week:

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