Weekend Links: January 23, 2016

This week, for me, has been mostly a week of searching out fun stuff, rather than serious stuff. This coming week I have a couple of important (albeit self-imposed) deadlines coming up, but the last few days have been largely about relaxation and self-care. Probably 50% of my reading has been in listicle form, though I’m sad to say I couldn’t avoid the world entirely.

At Inverse, I read about 8 sci-fi illustrations that, in hindsight, feel prescient.

Paleofuture talked about 7 real life products that get their names from dystopian fiction.

At Tor.com, 10 authors weigh in on the perennial “hard vs. soft” sci-fi debate. It turns out that sensible people all agree that it’s a stupid debate.

Winter is Coming covered the 3 new teasers released for Game of Thrones season six. #HouseLannister

Fandom Following imagines what a Benioff and Weiss adaptation of Harry Potter might look like. #ACCURATE

The Toast examined the illegitimacy of Aragorn’s claim to the throne of Gondor. It’s a perfect example of why you just can’t think too hard about a lot of fantasy.

io9 discussed the current trend of Old West-inspired fantasy.

It turns out that fairy tales may be much, much older than originally thought. We’re talking thousands rather than hundreds of years old, which is pretty rad.

Her Universe is getting into publishing, with six titles planned for this year.

Mary Robinette Kowal wonders why there aren’t more women in the SFF section at bookstores. TLDR? Sexism. Sexism is the answer.

Gillian Anderson was apparently offered just half the salary of David Duchovny for the new X-Files. For reasons, I guess. (Also, sexism, obv.)

SF Signal interviewed Charlie Jane Anders about her upcoming novel, All the Birds in the Sky.

My Bookish Ways sat down with David Tallerman to discuss his recently released novella, Patchwerk.

This lovely Star Wars fan film, “Kara,” is a thing that exists, and you ought to watch it:

And there’s finally an honest trailer for Labyrinth…

Just in time for news of a Labyrinth reboot, or maybe a sequel, but either way it’s a travesty. #DoNotWant

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