Weekend Links: December 19, 2015

Obviously, this whole week (and most of the last several weeks, really) has been dominated by Star Wars coverage. Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing the film until at least Tuesday, possibly even next Tuesday depending on how quickly I can get my holiday baking done (I’m finished with candy-making, but I’ve still got gingerbread reindeer, miniature gingerbread houses, and three flavors of French macarons that I’m planning on making in the next few days). That doesn’t mean I haven’t paid any attention to any Star Wars stuff, though.

This five hour Darth Vader “Yule log” video is much better than the actual Star Wars holiday special:

Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and the cast of The Force Awakens sing the Star Wars theme a cappella, which is delightful:

The Force Awakens is likely the last exciting genre film release of 2015, but don’t worry. Den of Geek is already looking forward with 30 of 2016’s must-see fantasy and sci-fi films.

Meanwhile, at the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog, they’ve already got a list up of 42 new releases to look for in 2016. I thought 2015 was a great year for reading, but next year is only going to be better. I’d say that I can’t wait, but I’m still finishing a few things from this year.

io9 contends that Legend is the weirdest Ridley Scott movie of all time, to which I can only respond, “Yeah, so?” Maybe it’s just because I saw it at a formative age–right on the cusp of changing from a little girl who loved horses to one who loved dragons and wizards–but Legend (along with Willow) will always be a film that I just uncritically adore.

Tor.com discusses where to start with reading the works of Dianna Wynne JonesHowl’s Moving Castle, in my opinion, which also gives you an excuse to start watching Studio Ghibli films if you haven’t already.

Michael Moorcock’s birthday was this week. If you haven’t read his stuff, you should think about doing so soon.

The Toast published the sequel to “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” that no one ever asked for.

At Kirkus, there’s a list of books to read if you like The Expanse.

At LitStack, there’s a lovely post in praise of difficult genre fiction.

At LitHub, Rebecca Solnit has an excellent new essay: “Men explain Lolita to me.” Because of course they do.

Finally, this Dangerous Minds post about Soviet-era sci-fi holiday cards might be my favorite thing I’ve seen this week. They’re all just so wonderfully weird and strangely beautiful.


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