Star Trek Beyond: Is this trailer for real?

I would love to believe that this is a cruel trick being played on us all, but this appears to be an actual trailer for the third Star Trek reboot movie.

I’m not sure what is most upsetting about this.

Is it the terrible music that ought to be completely inappropriate for Star Trek? Is it the slapstick-y “comedy”? Is it the liberal use of the “hot alien babe” to market the movie? Is it that Uhura screams in terror and gets physically pushed behind a man more than once in just 90 seconds? Is it that the Enterprise is getting destroyed again?

I don’t even know where to start with how much I hate basically everything about this disaster of a trailer. These reboot flicks have so far been more fun than otherwise, even if they haven’t been actually good, but I’d love it if they would quit calling these atrocities Star Trek.

They’ve taken out everything that was unique and compelling and powerful about Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future and replaced it with space babes and raised eyebrows and ironic detachment. It might be an entertaining spectacle, but it’s not Star Trek in any meaningful way.

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