Weekend Links: December 12, 2015

The most important news of the week is obviously that Margaret Atwood is writing a graphic novel called Angel Catbird. The bad news is that we have to wait until fall of 2016 to actually read it.

The Phrontistery is a thing that exists in the world, and it’s incredible. I’ve been reading a little bit every day since I discovered it, and I’ve learned far more wonderfully obscure words than I can ever hope to use.

Someone made a Christmas album that is goat noises instead of words. You’re welcome.

This weekend, you can watch the biggest meteor shower of the year if you are lucky enough to have a clear night.

This happened on SNL this past weekend. You’re welcome again:

Atlas Obscura has a short history of Martians.

Amazing Stories looks at Frankenstein imagery through the years.

The Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy blog has an informative piece on the history of science fiction in China.

Zigzag Timeline talks about 10 bizarre ways that reading/writing while underrepresented messes with your head.

Wole Talabi lists some of his favorite African SFF short stories of the year.

Tor.com has a list of the sci-fi and fantasy characters they couldn’t stop talking about in 2015.

Buzzfeed has their lists up of 2015’s best fantasy and sc-fi.

Paste Magazine collects the best comic books of 2015, which reminds me how much I ought to read more comics.

Loser City is listing the best 100 comics of the last five years, which makes me feel even more like I’ve missed out on a whole sector of publishing.

Bookworm Blues has an epic best of 2015 list.

And if you’re like me and already building your reading list for 2016, Beauty in Ruins has an early list of the most anticipated fantasy reads to look forward to over the next year.



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