Weekend Links: July 18, 2015 (a day late–whoops!)

This week we got our best ever look at Pluto. (Featured image is Pluto and its moon, Charon)

Air & Space Magazine on The Pluto of Science Fiction 

N.K. Jemisin on The Shannara Chronicles and the implications of an all-white post-apocalyptic world

Ken Liu discusses The Grace of Kings over at io9

The Subversive Sci-Fi of Hip Hop

Why Social Justice is Intrinsic to Storytelling

Feminist Fiction on the modern Cinderella 

At the Guardian, the rise of African Science Fiction

How medieval is GRRM’s ASOIAF? Spoiler alert: not very.

Book Riot on Station Eleven, Science Fiction, and Hope

The Mary Sue recommends Star vs. the Forces of Evil, which looks pretty freakin’ adorable. If I don’t watch it, I’ll definitely suggest it to my daughter if I can tear her away from her current FairyTail obsession.


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