Weekend Links: July 11, 2015


Paul Feig tweeted the first picture of the new Ghostbusters cast in costume with the Ecto-1.

SFF Around the World:

“Rockets, Robots, and Reckless Imagination” – Usman Malik on science fiction in Pakistan

“The weird worlds of African sci-fi” at African Business Magazine

“On Chinese Science Fiction and Reading Internationally” at Book Riot

SFF History:

“The Simple Feeling and Beyond: Kirk and Spock’s Place in Queer History” at The Mary Sue

“The Women You Didn’t See: A Letter to Alice Sheldon” by Nicola Griffith at the Los Angeles Review of Books

“Influential Fantasy for Heroines” at Book Review Cafe


Bitch Magazine on how Terminator Genisys got Sarah Connor wrong

K. Tempest Bradford on the importance of supporting marginalized voices

A review of Ernest Cline’s Armada over at Slate manages to cover all the reasons why I probably won’t ever read the work of Ernest Cline (or anything else in that same vein).

And a short film to enjoy: One Minute Time Machine, which is hilarious:



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