Weekend Links: June 20, 2015

Velociraptor Disney Princesses by Laura Cooper of XP (the webcomic).

On Worldbuilding

The Fantasy Worlds That Short Stories Built at Book Riot

Guest Post: Goldilocks and the Art of Worldbuilding by Marc Turner at Fantasy Book Critic

On a Lack of Originality in Science Fiction and Fantasy Game Settings at Gamasutra

Sense8 and the Failure of Global Imagination at Racialicious

The Future of SF

Muslim fiction writers are turning to genres like sci-fi, fantasy, and comics at John Hopkins Magazine

Race, Speculative Fiction, and Afro SF at the New Left Project

Bring the Structure of the Hugo Awards into the Modern World by Eric Flint –Also worth a read is Eric Flint’s real talk piece on the futility of trying to keep literary awards from having literary standards


Michael Moorcock: My Family Values

The joy of reading role-playing games

One Star Reviews of The Handmaid’s Tale


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