A New Blog for New Projects

This blog has been living in my head for probably two years now, but I’ve finally gotten it out here where it belongs. The impetus for this sort-of move (although I expect I’ll still be doing some Tumblring and may even make an SF Bluestocking Tumblr to complement the longer writing I intend to do here) is twofold. Partly, I’ve become increasingly unhappy with Tumblr as a place for long writing. Partly, I have several longer writing projects that I’ve been planning for some time now, and sticking to Tumblr for the majority of my blogging was (perhaps stupidly) getting in the way of me actually pursuing those projects.

So, here is what I have planned:

  1. I will be continuing my ongoing Game of Thrones episode recaps, analysis, and complaining. For this year, at least, those posts will continue be cross-posted on my personal Tumblr. I will also be moving all of my long posts about the show over here, and all content regarding previous seasons will soon be available for perusal in the archives.
  2. This blog will have a lot of book reviews. Because I failed to tag old book reviews on Tumblr in a way that makes sense, it’s unlikely that any old ones will be making their way over here. However, I’ve been pretty steadily reading two or three books a week this year, so you can expect at least one or two book reviews a week irrespective of other reading and writing projects. I plan to catch up on reviewing all of my 2015 reading list so far, but I won’t be revisiting anything before then unless I reread it.
  3. The first large reading and writing project that I have planned is a complete reread of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. As of today, the plan is that, starting on Monday, May 11, I will be reading and writing about 2-4 chapters per day, Monday through Friday, for the next five weeks, so this will be finished the Friday before the show airs in the US.
  4. After that, I’m not entirely certain what my next project will be, but I’ve got several ideas, and I’m definitely open to suggestions.

I’m pretty excited to be working on something new, and I’m very excited to start really focusing on writing more in general. More updates to come as I get things set up the way I want them to be and settle into a new blogging routine.

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