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Weekend Links: June 13, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road modded ponies
Mad Max: Fury Road modded ponies

Tor, Irene Gallo, and Sad Puppies (Because this shit just keeps happening.)

Chuck Wendig’s “I Stand by Irene Gallo” is pretty much the definitive post on the topic.

Kameron Hurley weighs in with “The Revolution of Self-Righteous Dickery Will Not By Moderated.”

Jim C. Hines collects shit the Puppies have said in “Puppies in Their Own Words.”

Martin Lewis reads the Puppy Slate nominees for Best Short Story so you don’t have to.

Eric Flint puts forward the eminently sane reminder that “No, Awards Aren’t ‘Fair.’ Never Have Been, Never Will Be. So What?”


The Mary Sue on Age Gap Films – As someone in an age gap relationship myself, I really appreciate this piece. The problem with cinematic age gaps isn’t so much that they exist, it’s that we aren’t supposed to think they are age gaps. We’re just supposed to think that women look the same for all the years between around age 23 and age 50.

Various...Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ian Dickson / Rex Features ( 750588ck )  X-Ray Spex - Poly Styrene  Various
Photo by Ian Dickson / Rex Features ( 750588ck )
X-Ray Spex – Poly Styrene

Jason Heller at Clarkesworld – The Day-Glo Dystopia of Poly Styrene: Punk Prophet and Science Fiction Priestess

I feel like @BEYONCEFANFIC definitely falls under the SF umbrella, and it’s awesome.

The Mary Sue again, on why we should maybe “Stop Asking ‘Is This Feminist?'”

In a tangentially related vein, Tumblr user fierceawakening writes about the usefulness of the idea of being a “critical fan”

binti-book-coverCheck out the newly revealed covers for’s upcoming novellas. I’m probably most excited about Nnedi Okorafor’s “Binti,” but there are only a couple of these that I’m not really looking forward to reading.


Weekend Links: June 6, 2015

See more art by Joshua Mays at his website.

8 Afrofuturist Artists Who Are Out of This World – So much beautiful stuff, including the gorgeous Joshua Mays piece above.

Ursula K. LeGuin on How Amazon is Ruining Everything – I don’t entirely agree with her, as there are many obscure books and authors I would never have discovered if it wasn’t for Amazon’s recommendations and the ease of online ordering. While LeGuin makes good points about Amazon’s tendency to focus on promoting big titles, I’ve been using Amazon for almost fifteen years to get books that places like Borders and B&N never carried.

700 Free E-books at Open Culture – Lots of classic lit, but also a surprising amount of classic sci-fi.

Neil Gaiman and Kazuo Ishiguro talk about genre over at New Statesman – This is one of the most interesting interviews I’ve read in ages, although it did make me feel guilty that I still haven’t gotten around to reading The Buried Giant yet.

Adrian Tchaikovsky writes about inhuman characters over at A Dribble of Ink – His mention of Perdido Street Station makes me want to go reread it right away. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff the last couple of years that is less fantastical, but this article helped me remember how much I love bizarre people and things in my fantasy.

@EldritchSwift combines two of my favorite things:



Weekend Links – May 30, 2015

Tanith Lee 1947-2015
Tanith Lee 1947-2015

Beloved author Tanith Lee has passed away:


John Scalzi signs $3.4 million book deal; far-right rival Vox Day crushed under 442 tons of sour grapes

ASOIAF has a rape problem

Maybe lengthy novels are required for the type of huge-scale worldbuilding that is currently popular?

Or not. Short novels can still contain vast universes.

A summer reading list for people who want to read diversely

If you care about diversity, this round table discussion is a great one to read for some perspective on what diversity even means

If you watch Game of Thrones, we also lost Maester Aemon this week:

via Beautiful Death
via Beautiful Death

Weekend Links: May 23, 2015

This weekend’s links brought to you by Adventure Time-style Disney Princesses.

On That Scene in the most recent episode of Game of Thrones:

Manic Pixie Dream Worlds on Sexual Violence in Epic Fantasy

The Rainbow Hub on sacrificing Sansa in service of Theon’s story

Feminist Fiction’s take on the episode

Amanda Marcotte disagrees with most of the crowd (and I disagree with her, but this piece is worth reading as a counterpoint)

Your Defense of That Rape Scene Makes You Sound Kinda Gross (a counterpoint to the counterpoint)

On rape, nudity and historical accuracy in general/specific

BoingBoing on Game of Thrones’ hypocrisy

How Real Is the ‘Game of Thrones’ Medieval World? (an oldie but goodie that is still relevant over a year later)

John Scalzi on writing rape at io9 (general rule: don’t)

K. Tempest Bradford on the Historical Accuracy Fallacy

Stuff people have written about Mad Max: Fury Road that make me very sad that my broken foot is keeping me stuck at home and away from the theater:

We Are Not Things: Mad Max vs. Game of Thrones

Kameron Hurley: Wives, Warlords and Refugees: The People Economy of Mad Max

BITCH Magazine Blog: The Ecofeminism of Mad Max

Miscellaneous non-GoT/Mad Max things:

Simon Pegg clarifies his comments on sci-fi infantilizing us and makes some excellent points about the current state of pop culture

Everything you want to know about fancy editions of classic books

On the word “girl” in Supergirl

5 Things That Have to Be in the New X-Files – I’m totally here for Fox checking out Tinder

@QuirkyMPDG is my new favorite Twitter this week



Weekend Links: May 15, 2015

This week’s links brought to you by Every Fantasy World Map Ever.

Book Stuff

Geek Mom interviews Ann Leckie–and there’s still a couple of days left to enter a giveaway for the first two Imperial Radch novels.

Tor will be publishing The Geek Feminist Revolution, a collection of essays by the delightful Kameron Hurley

Eric Flint has some thoughts about this year’s Hugo Awards

And so does K. Tempest Bradford

I know I would find these Useful Reader Cover Warnings helpful.

What is the point of writing if you can’t be Douglas Adams?


Paramount is developing a new show based on Caitlin Doughty’s amazing memoir, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory. This isn’t particularly SF-related, but it’s an excellent book and would probably make my top ten list of favorite things I’ve read in the last couple of years.

Over at The Mary Sue, they talk about iZombie as an allegory for sexual assault. I’m not sure I fully agree, but it’s definitely an interesting read.

Finally someone explains Adventure Time over at Kotaku. In all seriousness, though, if you aren’t watching this show, you should be. All of it is currently available on Hulu Plus, and each episode is only twelve minutes long.

FOX has released a trailer for their television adaptation of The Minority Report. I’m not completely sold on it, but it looks a damn sight better than the movie.


The big movie of this weekend is Mad Max: Fury Road, and there are some good reasons to go see it:

  1. Sounds like it’s unabashedly feminist, which is pretty rare for this kind of action flick.
  2. No, really! Straight from George Miller’s mouth.
  3. Even if it wasn’t being on purpose feminist, one should never neglect an opportunity to stick it to misogynists–and apparently they are losing their collective minds over this film. If misogynists hate it, it can’t be all bad.
  4. If none of this is convincing enough, Fury Road is currently sitting at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.