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Zombeavers is a goddamn masterpiece

I knew, as soon as I saw the first trailer for this movie, that I was going to love Zombeavers, so I was super excited when it showed up on Netflix relatively quickly. There’s no way that this movie won’t be great, I thought, and I was not disappointed.

From the opening scene, Zombeavers is frequently laugh out loud funny. It’s got an appropriate level of cheaply produced gore. It’s got a charming cast of insufferable college kids who are all pretty much terrible assholes, but who are great fun to watch and make it obvious that they had a great time making this movie (a short blooper reel at the end confirms this).

The beaver jokes are present, as one must expect from this sort of flick. Even including visual gags, there are just enough for a drinking game but not enough to kill you with alcohol poisoning.

The real stars of the movie, though, are the beavers themselves, who are these delightful animatronic numbers who steal every scene they are in.

Basically, if you like zombie animal movies, you will love Zombeavers and should probably watch it immediately.